Revitalize the kansas economy

support kansas workers

ensure all kansas schools have the resources they need

expand medicaid to 150,000 kansans

improve our state's foster care system

make kancare work for all kansans

defend women's rights

protect lgbt rights in kansas

maintain a stable and sustainable water supply

support kansas agriculture and our rural communities

Let’s talk about how Jim can move Kansas forWard!

Create Good Jobs

Jim Ward knows that business men and women need stability to expand and grow jobs. Government should be there to help. That was one of the reasons why he helped lead the fight against the disastrous Brownback tax experiment that put state government on the edge of bankruptcy, and why he is ready to work to help businesses find new opportunities for creating jobs.

Keep Every Neighborhood Safe
As a prosecutor, Jim Ward successfully tried criminals who committed homicides, drug crimes, and domestic violence. He understands every Kansan deserves to live and work in a safe community and has fought to protect children who have been abused and neglected.

Ensure Quality Schools for All Kids

Every Kansas child deserves a quality school and teacher who will give them every opportunity to pursue their God-given talents regardless of where they live. Jim Ward is proud to be a staunch advocate for public education. 

Expand Medicaid Now
Jim Ward introduced the first bill to expand Medicaid in Kansas and will continue to fight for it. Expanding Medicaid brings millions into the Kansas economy while providing health services for needy Kansans and shoring up strapped hospitals and clinics all around Kansas. He believes Kansans deserve a strong healthcare system and the opportunity to see a doctor when they are sick.

My approach is to listen, learn, and lead!